Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teacher Quality Committee Meeting Minutes 02/16/2010

Teacher Quality - February 16, 2010 Minutes
The meeting was called to order by Dave Black at 4:33 p.m. Member present: Barb Grell, Tom McLaughlin, Kim McLlaughlin, Linda Hahn, Jeanne Bartholow, Sean Dunphy, Pat Thomas, Al Lorenz, Mark Schweer, Kim Jones, Dave Black, Chuck Story, and Laurie Thies

Approval of Minutes – Motion made by Sean Dunphy to approve the April 1st minutes, seconded by Barb Grell.

Budget – Dave shared that because the budget was cut by 10%, we did not have enough money to cover 2 days of PD this year. With the current staff, it takes about $59,000 to cover the cost of one PD day. We currently have $92,069 in the budget. We will pay for some committee work this year and carry the remaining balance into next year. There was also some discussion on Market Factor Pay. We have had two rounds of applications for this money, 8 teachers were approved during the first round and 4 were approved in the second round. The district plans to offer a third round, with $4,300 left in this pot of money. The district will identify the areas of need and get information out to staff.

Professional Development Day – March 1st – Kim shared a tentative agenda for the day and explained that much of the work on March 1st would be around gaining some common understanding of the Essential Concepts and Skills. There were some concerns expressed about the need for communication and dialogue among the DLT, content teams, and teachers. Teachers expressed the need to have “two way communication” and more information about the implementation plan that is due on July 1st, 2010. A motion was made by Tom M. to accept the plan for March 1st and seconded by Kim M. Vote was unanimous.

Site Visit Reflection – Dave shared some strengths that the site visit team noted in the district (climate, CTE, DLT, Co-teaching, alignment, etc.) and also shared that there were some areas of non-compliance that are already being attended to. Some of these included the lack of a SIAC, notifications of non-discrimination were missing a protected class, TAG identification at the primary and secondary level, and some issues with “offer and teach” at the HS.

Next Meeting Date – March 23rd from 4:15-5:30

Adjournment – Motion made at 5:45 by Barb G. to adjourn, seconded by Kim M.