Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Make-Up File
From Barb DeWeese (ponderosabarb@gmail.com), a math teacher at Payson High School in Payson, Arizona:

"I make about five extra copies of every worksheet or test and keep them in one large file folder (per subject) each semester. Whether a student has been absent for two days or a week, or a new student shows up mid-way through a chapter, it's easy to locate all the worksheets. They're arranged chronologically in the one file. If I have a key, I put it in the file too, so that students legitimately turning in the assignment long after the due date may still check the work. I keep the file in a small portable file box at the front of the classroom, easily accessible when a student says, ‘I was absent Monday, may I have a worksheet?’ or ‘My backpack was stolen, I need another worksheet.’ I don't give students access to the file, but a teacher could put a student in charge of makeup work."

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Love and Logic
From Marci Bartu (bartuma@d25.k12.id.us), a teacher in Idaho:

"A discipline program called Teaching With Love and Logic has many great techniques to deal with most discipline problems. It is a program that grew out of Parenting With Love and Logic founded by a school principal and a psychologist in Golden, Colorado. I have been using it for the past 8 years, and it seems there is always an answer to the problems kids throw at me!
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Club and Pep Rally Time
From Laura Granger (phidex77@hotmail.com), an English teacher at Audubon High School in Iowa:

"My high school has an extra fifteen minutes added to the last period of the day so students can attend club/organization meetings, sports meetings, drama, etc. Students read for the fifteen minutes on days they don’t have a meeting to attend. Those fifteen minutes are also used for pep rallies so we don’t have to change our class schedules nor lose instruction time."
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Question of the Week: Boring Texts
From the Works4Me Worker Bees:

"Some classroom textbooks are bland, boring and behind the times. How do you update the text you are given and add some ‘oomph’ to the mundane?"
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