Thursday, January 10, 2008

LCEA Executive Board Meeting Minutes January 10, 2008

LCEA Meeting Minutes

Date: 1/10/2008
Place: High School Room 403
Time: 4:15

Roll Call: Sharon Crawley, Kim Muta, Jennifer Doorlag (absent), Maggie Bennett (absent), Dave Bergman (absent)
HS Reps: Tom McLaughlin, Allison Towne, Brian Johnson (absent), Christina Woodward (absent)
MS Reps: Margot Argotsinger, Beth Frank, Al Lorenz, Barb Motes
TH Reps: Susan Drustrup, Maggie Miller, Jennifer Hake, Joanna Stenlund
Kreft Reps: Kathy Moe, Melinn Ruzicka, Tara York (absent)

Approval of Agenda: Sharon Crawley
• Al Lorenz moved that the agenda be approved, Susan Drustrup seconded it, and the motion passed with two nays—Tom McLaughlin and Al Lorenz.

Secretary’s Report/ Approval of Minutes: Kim Muta
• Beth Frank moved that the December minutes be approved (with one typo corrected), Allison Towne seconded it, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Jen Doorlag
• Barb Motes has invoices from the bags that were given to members.
• Beth Frank moved that the report be approved, Barb Motes seconded it, and the motion passed.

Negotiations: Beth Frank
• There isn’t much new since the January meeting is after this meeting. Impasse papers will be filed soon, just in case we have to go to mediation.

TQC: Barb Motes
• We met last night and talked a lot about people who are at contractual obligations during the two staff development days. We tried to pass a motion that they could get the training and get at least some of the payment. That motion failed to pass.
• We started discussing the evaluation procedures, looking at the Univ. of Iowa website, which has an electronic portfolio and lists of possible data points.

President’s Report: Sharon Crawley
• There is nothing to report.

Committee Reports:
• High School: We have received the crisis plans (as have other buildings), and there are some questions. For example, a student threatening suicide is supposed to be interviewed by faculty members who decide whether to report it. Another issue is that the language arts people are being asked to rewrite curriculum, even though we did only two years ago. Sharon Crawley will raise this with Mark Schweer.
• Middle School: Nothing to report.
• Kreft: Nothing to report.
• Titan Hill: Members talked to Kent Stopak about the day that power and communication was lost. After much discussion, he agreed to put together the committee to make some procedural decisions for handling such situations. There is an ongoing problem with the new wing—actually there are problems. All of these have been brought to the administrators’ attention. One good thing—it has been approved for them to have another special education teacher.

Old Business:
• Reps setting up monthly meetings with individual building principals—Please do this. If there are issues that do not receive attention despite attempts on our part, we need to document and pass it on to Sharon Crawley so she can raise the issues with Mark Schweer.
• Ten minute meetings with members—Nothing about this.
• Attendance to a board meeting—Please attend the meeting you have signed up for.
• Public Relations: Committees for Education weeks, National Teacher Day, Reading Across America, Retirees, etc.—Sharon Crawley has passed Read Across America information on to Kreft and Titan Hill.

New Business:
• Beth Frank raised the issue of elections. We need to have the election for executive board members and building reps in March. We need names for the ballot during the next meeting—February 21.

Allison Towne moved that the meeting be adjourned, Al Lorenz seconded the motion, and the meeting adjourned at 5:00.

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