Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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March 19, 2008

In what could be the most historic vote for public employees since the passage of the collective bargaining law in 1974, the Iowa House is considering an amendment which will expand the scope of bargaining and vastly improve the teacher discipline and discharge process. This change will balance the power between management and teachers and give educational professionals a stronger voice in their profession.

Specifically, the amendment to HF 2645 would allow local association bargaining teams to negotiate over such issues as class size, preparation time, in-service, and a whole host of other topics that under the current law (Chapter 20 of the Iowa Code) are deemed "permissive." That means that if one side doesn't agree, those issues can't even be discussed at the table.

The amendment does not, as some Republican legislators claim, pave the way for negotiating "fair share" fees for members of the bargaining unit who do not belong to the union. The section of the law that outlaws fair share fees (section 20.8 of Chapter 20) is not affected by the amendment.

Action could come at any time. ISEA members should contact their Representatives immediately and urge them to support amendment H-8164.

Click here for contact information;

or since time
is of the essence, call the House switchboard at 515-281-3221 and leave a message.