Thursday, February 21, 2008

LCEA Executive Board Minutes February 21, 2008

LCEA Meeting Minutes

Date: 2/21/2008

Place: Middle school library

Time: 4:15

Roll Call: Sharon Crawley, Kim Muta, Jennifer Doorlag (absent), Maggie Bennett (absent), Dave Bergman
HS Reps: Tom McLaughlin (absent), Allison Towne (absent), Brian Johnson (absent), Christina Woodward (absent)
MS Reps: Margot Argotsinger (absent), Beth Frank, Al Lorenz, Barb Motes, Marlys Frowein (subbing for Margie Argotsinger)
TH Reps: Susan Drustrup, Maggie Miller, Jennifer Hake, Joanna Stenlund
Kreft Reps: Kathy Moe (absent), Melinn Ruzicka (absent), Tara York (absent)

Approval of Agenda: Sharon Crawley
• Changes: adding delegate assembly to old business.
• Dave Bergman moved that the agenda be approved with the addition to old business, Susan Drustrup seconded it, and the motion passed.

Secretary’s Report/ Approval of Minutes: Kim Muta
• Dave Bergman moved that the minutes be approved, Susan Drustrup seconded it, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Jennifer Doorlag
• One question: Are the bags paid for?
• Beth Frank moved that the report be approved, Jennifer Hake seconded it, and the motion passed.

Negotiations: Beth Frank
• There’s one bit of language on each side to settle (staff reduction and added position of Special Olympics). There is a larger difference in wages and salary.
• Grandchildren are added to family emergency leave. In exchange, we did not get an additional personal day, nor a retirement package.
• Insurance did not go up as much as anticipated.
• Mediation (open meeting) is on March 10.

TQC: Barb Motes/Al Lorenz
• We’re looking at the evaluation procedures, with three subcommittees: procedures, model evidence for “specials,” and model evidence for general classroom teachers.

President’s Report: Sharon Crawley
• There have been some random questions lately, a lot of “what ifs.”

Committee Reports:
• High School: Christina Woodward and Allison Towne talked to Mr. Story about PowerSchool and use of it to register students. They also met about the weight of final exams because of the change from 20% to 10%.
• Middle School: There are kids who can access porn even though ERC says that can’t happen. It is happening; students have been caught with porn on the computer. It’s hard to tell where the problem is.
• Kreft: No report.
• Titan Hill: Susan Drustrup received an email with a couple of questions: attendance at Feb. 14 and 15, and make up of the early dismissal day. Good news: There are blinds and clocks in the rooms at Titan Hill. The ELL conference in Des Moines again included a snow day, so there is a question about how those people might be compensated.

Old Business:
• Elections: Names for ballots. We need names on the ballot—by February 29. Email names to Kim Muta.
o Joanna Stenlund, Jennifer Hake, Lisa Gundlach, Maggie Bennett for Titan Hill
o Kim Muta will stay on the ballot for secretary, and Tom McLaughlin will stay on for building rep.
• Delegate assembly—April 3 and 4 in Ames. We haven’t had an elementary teacher there. We need to get them on the ballot.

New Business:
• Committees for retirees, scholarships, etc. We also need to do Teacher of the Year.
• Retirees: Phyllis Hamling and Jan Pellant will be retiring.

• Marlys Frowein moved that the meeting be adjourned, Joanna Stenlund seconded it, and the meeting adjourned at 5:10.

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